GFC company

GFC Company was established on May 18, 2010 for implementation of different projects in the field of public food for development and support of business in Azerbaijan. Our first and great project is KFC restaurant network.

GFC Company was established on May 18, 2010. Although the Company is young, it has all chances to be innovator-company in modern business condition. Nowadays employees of the company are more than 100. They are specially young and perspective people. Administration attaches great importance to the concept such team spirit. The team has become large and united family with atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect. If there is a sense of respect for a person, a sense of assess for their work truly and rightly, everybody has the sense of enthusiasm and enjoy his/her. These are the bases of policy of the company.

GFC Company is represented by young team. Usually, individuals who have no experience in any field are given employment to teach and open future perspectives. Just doing so, the company sent its newly selected employees to Moscow for training and practice in the commencement of its activity.

In the current step, the purpose of the speedy developing company is to involve world brands to Azerbaijan as more as possible. Our goal is to open new working places, youth education, and to be a part of this mechanism leading our country to new inevitable victories.


  • AZ1010 Azerbaijan, Baku, 62 Kovkab Safaraliyeva street, 2 floor
  • Phone: +994 (12) 310 02 23
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